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Gunstock Duplicating

We use a high quality duplicator (Dakota), have excellent patterns and many years experience duplicating gunstocks. We cut very close tolerances without gaps or  overcuts.  We also duplicate from your pattern or original stock. If you have a broken stock, we can make that into a good pattern. Pattern building is in addition to duplicating prices. Please call or e-mail with questions.

Gunstock Duplication Prices

(price for duplication only, does not include cost of wood)

Bolt action one piece, all types stock styles,
Thumbhole style
Two piece side lock double and drilling type,  stock
Two piece box lock, single shot rifles,  stock $275.00
Forearms $150.00
Throughbolt hole add $25.00
Over & Under stock, (includes through bolt hole) $290.00
Lever action rifle,   stock  $225.00

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